Local Anti-Fracking Ordinances

Advocates for the Environment assists California cities and counties in developing and enacting ordinances restricting fracking, such as:

We also advise public-interest groups who seek enactment of ordinances like these.

Enacting Local Ordinances

There are two ways to enact these ordinances:

If it is politically feasible, enactment by the city council or board of supervisors can bepreferable, since it is simpler and less costly. But the ordinance can be easily repealed by the local legislative body.

Ballot initiatives, if initiated by the public (they can also be initiated by the city council or board of supervisors) require petitions signed by 10% of the voters in the city or county. Gathering these signaturs can be labor-intensive or expensive (if paid signature gatherers are used) in large jurisdictions such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. But in a small city or county it can be feasible.

Legal Challenges to Anti-Fracking Ordinances

A local anti-fracking ordinance should be drafted to withstand anticipated legal challenges, since oil and gas interests are likely to sue to have the ordinance invalidated. Potential legal attacks may be based on:

Anti-Fracking Ordinance Examples

Several California cities and counties have banned oil production or fracking, including the following:

Advocates for the Environment Can Help

We can help draft anti-fracking ordinances that have the most likelihood of surviving legal challenges, and can defend them in court.